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Stand up for Labour - Stoke

Stoke facebook imageStand up for Labour holds an event for Stoke South Labour Party at the Florence Sports & Social Club, featuring three of our favourite comedians.

Norman Lovett is well known as 'Holly' from 'Red Dwarf', but has been a stand-up comedian since the 1970s and the beginning of Alternative Comedy. Norman was actually a warm-up act for 'The Clash'! His deadpan delivery and relaxed stage presence has inspired countless comedians and he has been a popular headliner at Stand up for Labour shows all over the country. He is Stand up for Labour's Act of the Year.

Steve Day is he UK's only deaf comedian and one of the most in demand headline acts in the country. His performances have brought hilarity to dozens of Stand up for Labour events and Steve is an active member of his local Labour Party.

Scott Bennett, Yorkshire’s Peter Kay who was runner up in the England Comedian of the Year competition. 

The night is compered by Crispin Flintoff, who set up Stand up for Labour in 2012 and has now organised over 200 events in England, Scotland and Wales.

The night will also feature a short film presentation and the customary Labour Party auction.

Tickets can be bought online here.